Human Resources Department


Staff structure preparation

Issuing and following-up on the renewal of governmental documents

Uploading fingerprint reports and create employees monthly payroll

Planning and determining the annual functional need for the workforce

Coordinate employees vacation dates

Create an archive for all employees 

Evaluating the employees skills

Preparing final clearances and experience certificates for employees

Preparing employee commissions and incentives in coordination with the accounting department

Determining the training skills for the employees

Advertising for job vacancies

With the Qiwa platform, preparing and issuing employees contracts and following up on their documentation on the official platforms of the Labor Office. 

Follow-up with the ministry’s requirements and respond to all their inquiries on an ongoing basis.

Using the Muddad platform, we create and prepare employees contracts and upload the payroll sheets commit to it. 

Following up with compliance department to comply with the requirements  of the Ministry of Human resources and Social Development